A typical lunch : Rice curry with baked leek and tofu

We were going through our recent blog posts and we realized that we practically never  write about what we eat for our everyday meals. Our typical breakfast is oats mixed with shredded coconut, grounded flax seeds (for those omega-3) and pumpkin seeds in soymilk. Then on weekends we sometimes vary it up a bit, but it usually stays pretty basic. We are both pretty busy during the day so our meals often include some kind of grain, protein of some kind, cooked and/or raw vegetables and some fruit. We are going to share what would be an everyday  lunch: rice with leek and tofu.

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Healthy nut cookies

We really like inventing healthy alternatives to unhealthy food. It is always a challenge but that’s what makes it all the more amusing. This can be used as an alternative to “cookies”. We had already tried to make healthy cookies but we could never get that gooeyness in our cookies. Butter is not always easy to replace. Yesterday, I was reading an article about hair loss in autumn (don’t worry it’s completely normal!) due to a certain number of factors. The article mentioned a list of food that reinforced your hair. While I read this list, a recipe for cookies just popped into my head. Not only is this healthy but it’s perfect for your hair. So I went out to the grocery store to buy my ingredients (it was at the end of the day and it was rainy outside, hence the darkness of the pictures) and whipped these up in just a few minutes. I’ve always liked the expression “whipped something up”, I feel that it perfectly describes the action. Anyway, I’m rambling again. Speaking of which, I have recently read A Vindication of the Rights of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft, my how that woman rambles! However, she was completely revolutionary for her time. If you are interested in feminist literature it is worth a read. Anyway, I’m off topic again! Cookies – yes, you will need just a few ingredients. I used brazil nuts but I’m sure you could use hazelnuts, almonds or any kind of nut. Brazil nuts are full of mono-unsaturated fatty acids which is very good for you. These are very rich, you probably won’t eat more than one or two at a time. Here is the recipe:

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Alain Passard’s leek, grape and nut salad

Today our blog has one year. My how things have changed in just one year! We have recently moved from Montpellier to Bordeaux (wine country). So this last month has been very very busy. Yohann has started a Ph.D and I have finished my bachelor’s in law and I am currently enrolled in a graduate program. Even though we miss sunny Montpellier and it was difficult to leave all our friends we are excited for this new adventure. Many material things have changed but  things aren’t all that different: we are still cooking healthy food and inventing new recipes. Today’s recipe isn’t one of our creation but reflects our idea of cooking: healthy, seasonal and local. It is once again our favorite chef, Alain Passard, who invented this amazing recipe that is so quick, healthy and absolutely delicious. I really don’t know how he does it! I mentioned in a previous post that Passard likes his recipes to reassemble a painting. His theory: if it grows in the garden at the same time and has like colors, you can’t go wrong! You can tell by the colors you find in his recipes’, here it is white, green and brown tones. But sure to watch the video here, it always helps to have a visual aid.

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Alain Passard’s “Poulet au foin” (Chicken cooked in hay)

We are back from our vacation in l’Ariege. Every year we visit Clotilde’s aunt, Tiny, in her summer home.  We are always warmly welcomed and treated to the local products and great conversation.  It is a lovely region with magnificent landscapes. In France meals are more than a moment when you fill up on your energetic needs. They represent moments in the day in which you sit together to share and converse. To honor such occasions, we decided to try a “poulet au foin” (chicken cooked in hay). We followed Alain Passard’s chicken recipe.

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Alain Passard’s string bean and peach salad

With summer in full swing here we have decided to share a refreshing yet unusual recipe by three Michelin stars chef Alain Passard. As we mentioned in the previous post, his vision of cooking is quite interesting.

I don’t know where you live, but here in Montpellier it is very hot and any refreshment we can get is most welcomed. We really like this salad because it is extremely peppy and an unusual combination that works incredibly well. Then of course, it is the creation of a three starred chef – it couldn’t be otherwise! Continue reading

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Rhubarb and cherry dessert

As we have already mentioned before (pasta a la Nadia Santini) we like to watch three starred chefs share their passion and recipes with the public. We love three Michelin star chef Alain Passard. He has a natural approach to cooking. He always respects the products. Alain Passard distinguishes himself by cooking with a lot of vegetables. Often in French restaurants everything turns around meat or fish. We love watching him cook because has a very particular way of cooking. He always says that he is making a painting with the ingredients. Often the colors are in similar tones. His theory: if it grows at the same time in the garden, then you can make no mistake when you pair the ingredients together. We decided to follow his theory! There is a video in which he cooks rhubarb. We could not find all the ingredients that he uses so we tried our own variation of the dish using his cooking technique. We made this dish a couple weeks ago already. Spring was very late to arrive this year, so all the seasonal ingredients were delayed. We thought the red of the cherries matched perfectly the red in the rhubarb. The green of the cherry stem matched the green in the rhubarb. The end result is simply delicious!

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Coconut and almond flour macaroons + Cevennes

Every summer we have the luck to spend a couple of days in Yohann’s family’s summer home in the Cevennes. It is a wonderful place to draw back from the hectic city life we lead. Strangely, we love being cut off from the world during our stay: there is no Internet connection and limited cell phone service. Our few days are quiet, peaceful and relaxing. We always spend time cooking healthy food. We go for hikes and long runs. We take our time, read a bit, go for a swim. Yohann usually likes to fish.

We find perfection in the sun kissed rolling hills bathing in the golden summer light. Every evening we go for a long walk to soak in the scenery and the tiny stone villages nestled at the foot of the mountains. The Cevennes remind us of an old wise man. Yes, wisdom would be the word to describe this region.

We are going to share a few snap shots of our trip. Yohann turned 24 during out stay. I made him brunch : coconut almond flour macaroons, banana sorbet, homemade bread, eggs sunny side up and a kiwi. Today we are going to share the coconut almond flour macaroon recipe (a very first). They were very moist on the inside and crackly on the outside.

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Veggie burger patty

Recently, we have been experimenting with veggie burgers. So far we have tried beet, chickpea, bean and soy protein veggie burgers. We wanted to share on of our recipes. There is a downside to veggie burgers: they are very time consuming. Today we want to share with you an improvised attempt of a veggie burger made out of soy protein. Soy protein is really great because it is cheap and high in protein, which replaces meat and fish for vegetarians and vegans.

We had absolutely nothing in the pantry today but still ended up making a very tasty veggie burger patty. Continue reading

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Eggplant with parsley and mint

Our last month has been very busy and between our two schedules we did not have a second to spare! I have been finishing up my bachelor’s degree, which has been, needless to say, very time consuming. We are so glad to be back with the prospective of being on summer vacation with more time to update the blog with recipes.

Today’s recipe is eggplant with parsley, mint, ginger, onion and garlic. Eggplant (or aubergine) is very difficult to cook correctly. It is too often not cooked enough, overcooked, or drenched in oil. We have recently bought a new cookbook called Comme un chef (Larousse edition), it is fantastic! It is very detailed a mere 655 pages long, and explains how to cook pretty much anything. We used the book’s technique to cook the eggplant and came up with the recipe ourselves. Continue reading

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Tofu on a bed of chinese cabbage

We have recently started cooking with chinese cabbage. In the winter / early spring time, seasonal food is limited. We do our vegetable shopping in multiple places. There is a little vegetable store in Montpellier that has seasonal and mostly local products as well as an amazing outside market. Outside markets are not  present everyday. Some markets are 6 days a week while others can be weekly. In our case, the outside market is every Tuesday and Saturday. It’s an amazing place with local products. We love looking at the stands and meeting the producers. There is always a buzz at the market, so many people come to do their shopping. We’ll have to write a post about these outside markets, it’s really something typical and great about France. Have any of you travelled to Europe and had a chance to buy the local goods?  Continue reading

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