Who needs Butter when you have Zucchini? Dark chocolate zucchini brownies!

We are always on the lookout for desserts that do not include butter. We stumbled across this amazing brownie recipe that replaces butter with zucchini. Yes zucchini. So, at first we had a hard time believing that zucchini brownies would not taste like zucchini (or courgette as our English friends would say), but when this gooey delight comes out of the oven you wouldn’t even believe it. The brownies are a little rich, but so good!

Unfortunately it was already dark when we started making the brownies so our pictures had to be taken inside, without natural light. Doesn’t this look amazing? You can’t even see zucchini bits!

These are straight out of the oven!

These are pictures of the next morning!

If you want the recipe go straight to Cookie + Kate ! It’s a great blog with a bunch of interesting recipes!

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2 thoughts on “Who needs Butter when you have Zucchini? Dark chocolate zucchini brownies!

  1. Looks like you used chopped chocolate instead of chocolate chips, which I have been meaning to try! Glad you enjoyed the recipe.

    • potaufeu34 says:

      It’s a great recipe, thanks so much for sharing! We didn’t have any chocolate chips on hand. We also used olive oil instead of coconut oil and 100% cacao powder (Van Houten).

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