Healthy Thanksgiving tips + first brioche attempt!

There is something refreshing about Thanksgiving, it’s one of those rare holidays that focuses on family, friends, and all for which we are thankful. There are no presents or distractions; the center of attention is the time spent with loved-ones. The only thing one can expect from Thanksgiving is great food and even better people. We are going to have a small one of our own with some friends.

Here are a few tips to make your thanksgiving a little healthier:

  • Replace butter with olive oil, if its in something sweet, bananas and applesauce (non sweetened) can work as well
  • Do not add cream, almost anything made with cream can be made without!
  • Remember to make healthy foods, that way if you end up eating too much you won’t feel bad
  • Make light appetizers
  • Remember to eat vegetables! Don’t drown them in butter, olive oil is great and much healthier
  • I find that most desserts contain too much sugar, you can usually reduce the sugar in recipes
  • Drink green tea! If you want to help digestion have green tea with lemon juice and ginger
  • Make sure to eat breakfast (quakers or granola with some soy milk or non-fat milk, green tea and an apple)
  • Take a digestive walk with the whole crew (an hour long walk is perfect!)
  • Go for a run the next day
  • If you end up overeating don’t stress about it! It’s Thanksgiving! You’ll catch up on health the next day/week. Although, the best route to take is to make delicious healthy food so you can overeat without the guilt

The picture above is Yohann’s first attempt to make “biroche” which is a bit like Portuguese sweet bread. It was made without eggs or butter. Yohann will be making another one soon with step-by-step pictures!

What do you plan on eating for Thanksgiving? We hope you all have a great thanksgiving!

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One thought on “Healthy Thanksgiving tips + first brioche attempt!

  1. Excellent tips. We love Thanksgiving as well. Have a happy, healthy one!

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