Melting Pot-au-feu is all about healthy and whole foods. We are a young couple who love to eat and spend time with friends and family around a tasty meal. We decided to start this blog to share our healthy everyday and not so everyday meals. Yohann, is a 23 24 year-old water science engineer Ph.D student. Clotilde is a 22 23 year-old law student has a bachelor’s in law and is a graduate student in litterature. We live in Montpellier Bordeaux.

About Yohann: He was born and grew up in Montpellier France, a beautiful southern city where you eat amazing food! He is 1/4 Cévenol and 1/4  Breton (these are French regions) – a true Mediterranean. Yohann also loves to play guitar, take pictures, long hikes/runs and spend time with friends. In addition to his musical abilities he also has a talent for drawing.

About Clotilde: She was born and grew up in the tiny coastal state of Rhode Island. Her mother is French and her dad is from Rhode Island. She moved to Montpellier in 2008 for college and fell in love with southern France. In addition to everything involving eating, she loves photography (mostly portraits), running, hiking and outdoor activities.

Melting Pot-au-feu is the physical form of our dedication to healthy whole foods. Our eating habits can be summed up by the Mediterranean diet. It is not a really diet as in losing weight (even though you will if you eat this way) it’s simply the Mediterranean way of life. The Mediterranean diet is the “base” of our food habits but we love to discover new savors from different countries. We combine, experiment and explore with as much food as possible!

Yohann’s favorite food nations: India, Greece, Italy, Southern France, Cevennes and Portugual

Clotilde’s favorite food nations: Greece, Italy, Lebanon, India and France!

Photo credit: Liz (thanks for the picture!)


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