Our lifestyle

The Mediterranean diet is composed of natural (organic), seasonal whole foods. It’s really important to eat three meals a day and try not to snack in between. It’s pretty simple once you get used to the idea. :

– Whole grains (whole-wheat pasta, brown rice, quinoa, whole-wheat couscous, whole-wheat bread, potatoes, bulgur, etc…) at every meal;
– Fruits and vegetables at every meal (cooked and raw), we eat a lot of fruits and vegetables;
– Garlic: is so important in this lifestyle (it is in almost all salty recipes).
– Beans, legumes and nuts should be consumed daily (chick peas, lentils, beans, split peas, almonds, etc…)
– Olive oil (lots and lots of olive oil)
– Cheese and yogurt daily (goat/sheep milk, cheese and yogurt is preferable – less fat and easier to digest) (you can also replace this with soy milk which is the healthiest)
– Fish, eggs and poultry a couple times a week
– Wine in moderation
– Sweets once a week
– Red meat once a month

Note: We are not vegetarians, however we do not eat a lot of meat. When we do, it is organic and grass-fed.

Thing we have removed from our diet :

– Processed food
– Butter / cream / dairy from cows (except for cheese occasionally)
– Genetically modified food
– Pre-prepared food
– Poor quality food

Our additions:

– Green tea
– Spices: curcuma, coriander, cumin…

Our vision of food:

– Eat organic if possible
– Eat local
– Eat seasonal foods
– Good quality products. When you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables they have to be tasty otherwise what you make will be tasteless.
– You are what you eat so take care of yourself

Finally, we love food – delicious food. We don’t take things out of our diet; we replace them with healthy ingredients. The trick is really to replace “not so healthy ingredients” with healthy ones! Yes, that means we are butterless bakers!

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be gross!


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