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Eggplant with parsley and mint

Our last month has been very busy and between our two schedules we did not have a second to spare! I have been finishing up my bachelor’s degree, which has been, needless to say, very time consuming. We are so glad to be back with the prospective of being on summer vacation with more time to update the blog with recipes.

Today’s recipe is eggplant with parsley, mint, ginger, onion and garlic. Eggplant (or aubergine) is very difficult to cook correctly. It is too often not cooked enough, overcooked, or drenched in oil. We have recently bought a new cookbook called Comme un chef (Larousse edition), it is fantastic! It is very detailed a mere 655 pages long, and explains how to cook pretty much anything. We used the book’s technique to cook the eggplant and came up with the recipe ourselves. Continue reading

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Eggplant à la brandade de morue

We rarely eat pre prepared food, and when we do it has to be 100% healthy. This recipe contains one pre prepared food (brandade de morue), but it is actually too expensive for us to make our own (salted cod costs about 30 euros a kilogram). On a student’s budget we, unfortunately, can’t spend that much on fish. We have checked the ingredients and can assure that this is healthy. This dish is typically Nîmois and is one of Clotilde’s favorite foods. She could eat it a pot to herself everyday. Continue reading

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