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Healthy nut cookies

We really like inventing healthy alternatives to unhealthy food. It is always a challenge but that’s what makes it all the more amusing. This can be used as an alternative to “cookies”. We had already tried to make healthy cookies but we could never get that gooeyness in our cookies. Butter is not always easy to replace. Yesterday, I was reading an article about hair loss in autumn (don’t worry it’s completely normal!) due to a certain number of factors. The article mentioned a list of food that reinforced your hair. While I read this list, a recipe for cookies just popped into my head. Not only is this healthy but it’s perfect for your hair. So I went out to the grocery store to buy my ingredients (it was at the end of the day and it was rainy outside, hence the darkness of the pictures) and whipped these up in just a few minutes. I’ve always liked the expression “whipped something up”, I feel that it perfectly describes the action. Anyway, I’m rambling again. Speaking of which, I have recently read A Vindication of the Rights of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft, my how that woman rambles! However, she was completely revolutionary for her time. If you are interested in feminist literature it is worth a read. Anyway, I’m off topic again! Cookies – yes, you will need just a few ingredients. I used brazil nuts but I’m sure you could use hazelnuts, almonds or any kind of nut. Brazil nuts are full of mono-unsaturated fatty acids which is very good for you. These are very rich, you probably won’t eat more than one or two at a time. Here is the recipe:

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Alain Passard’s leek, grape and nut salad

Today our blog has one year. My how things have changed in just one year! We have recently moved from Montpellier to Bordeaux (wine country). So this last month has been very very busy. Yohann has started a Ph.D and I have finished my bachelor’s in law and I am currently enrolled in a graduate program. Even though we miss sunny Montpellier and it was difficult to leave all our friends we are excited for this new adventure. Many material things have changed but  things aren’t all that different: we are still cooking healthy food and inventing new recipes. Today’s recipe isn’t one of our creation but reflects our idea of cooking: healthy, seasonal and local. It is once again our favorite chef, Alain Passard, who invented this amazing recipe that is so quick, healthy and absolutely delicious. I really don’t know how he does it! I mentioned in a previous post that Passard likes his recipes to reassemble a painting. His theory: if it grows in the garden at the same time and has like colors, you can’t go wrong! You can tell by the colors you find in his recipes’, here it is white, green and brown tones. But sure to watch the video here, it always helps to have a visual aid.

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Apple, mache, almond and nut salad

Bon anniversaire Dominique !

Today is my (Clotilde) mom’s birthday ! Alors bon anniversaire Maman de la part de tous les deux ! We wanted to do something fun and make a dish with that included ingredients that start with the same letter as each letter in my mom’s name (for example, duck for “d”). However, there are not many ingredients that start with the letter “i” or “u”, so we decided to use “Maman” which means “mom” in French. Today’s recipe is something light: a salad.

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