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Alain Passard’s string bean and peach salad

With summer in full swing here we have decided to share a refreshing yet unusual recipe by three Michelin stars chef Alain Passard. As we mentioned in the previous post, his vision of cooking is quite interesting.

I don’t know where you live, but here in Montpellier it is very hot and any refreshment we can get is most welcomed. We really like this salad because it is extremely peppy and an unusual combination that works incredibly well. Then of course, it is the creation of a three starred chef – it couldn’t be otherwise! Continue reading

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Broccoli, carrot, black radish salad

Happy April everyone! Hope you had a nice long weekend. We had a great time with family and friends. Here is a nice spring salad to get a healthy start to the summer preparation. We went to the outside market today to buy our fruits and vegetables. It was a beautiful sunny day in Montpellier and we were both craving for a salad. Unfortunately it isn’t tomato season yet (cant wait!). So we decided to make a nice green salad. We both really hate wasting food so we have a couple little tips to use (almost) everything when cooking.

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Apple, mache, almond and nut salad

Bon anniversaire Dominique !

Today is my (Clotilde) mom’s birthday ! Alors bon anniversaire Maman de la part de tous les deux ! We wanted to do something fun and make a dish with that included ingredients that start with the same letter as each letter in my mom’s name (for example, duck for “d”). However, there are not many ingredients that start with the letter “i” or “u”, so we decided to use “Maman” which means “mom” in French. Today’s recipe is something light: a salad.

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